Visiting Montenegro

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Montenegro is the jewel of the Adriatic Sea. It’s bordered by 293 km (182 miles) of coastline, and is bordered by Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Montenegro is well-connected, renowned for the hospitality of its locals and is known for being a safe and easy place to travel.



Visas are not required for travelers from any country in Europe, Australia, North America or South America (except Bolivia, Guyana and French Guiana).


Montenegrin law requires the carriage of a valid form of ID at all times — such as a driver’s license, passport or equivalent.


Montenegro’s local currency is the Euro. ATMs are widely available. Local vendors do not usually accept credit cards. Sundays are customarily a day off for most local merchants.


Montenegro’s peak summer season is from July to August. May to June and September to October are typically quieter, but still blessed with plenty of sunshine. The ski season runs between November and April annually.


Montenegro enjoys 240 days of sunshine a year on average, with warm summers averaging 27ºC (80°F) and cool winters including mountain snowfall. The swimming season typically spans 180 days each year.

Local Time

Montenegro’s local time is UTC+1.00.

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Want to know more? The official website of the Montenegro Tourism Board offers a wealth of information.