Most Beautiful Beaches in Montenegro

Explore the beauty of Luštica

THE CHEDI BEACH is one of the highlights of Luštica Bay! This private beach with complimentary use of sunbeds, parasols, towels, and dedicated service, is an ideal place to soak up the sun and unwind in privacy. The beach is open all year round, so whether you are visiting in the height of summer or the cooler months, you can enjoy this beautiful spot.

From spring you can relax in style at The Rok Beach Bar & Lounge. Designed to provide the ultimate beach experience, our cabanas and beach sets at The Rok come with a range of amenities to help you fully unwind and enjoy your day. You'll be greeted with a welcome amenity that includes everything you need to kick off your beach day in style. In addition to the beach above you can also enjoy other beaches within Luštica Bay: Marina Beach, The Garden, Zen Sea Lounge, Almara Beach and Ramla.

MARINA BEACH – If you are looking for a more active beach experience, then Marina Beach is the place to be. There is plenty to keep you and your friends entertained.

THE GARDEN - The extension of Marina Beach, The Garden, is an ideal spot to enjoy unique outdoor experience. This seasonal beach is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

ZEN SEA LOUNGE - Zen Sea Lounge represents a private area equipped with sunbeds and cabanas for your full privacy and sunbathing experience. This seasonal beach is a tranquil and secluded spot, perfect for those seeking peace and quiet.

ALMARA BEACH – For a secluded and upscale beach experience, consider visiting Almara Beach. This exclusive beach club offers top-notch amenities for premium leisure time by the sea.

RAMLA BEACH – Located on Velja Špilja, its crystal-clear water and spectacular Marina Village views, make Ramla a dream spot to embrace the Mediterranean sun.

The Luštica Peninsula is an enchanting region in Montenegro that offers visitors a mix of pristine beaches, don’t miss them.