Outdoor Luštica Bay Activities

Explore the Best Things to Do in Montenegro

The Chedi Lustica Bay was born out of a desire to celebrate an active, healthy way of living; to experience the beauty our peninsula's nature has to offer, build community, engage with fellow travelers, and enjoy new adventures. The Chedi Luštica Bay offers a deep range of outdoor Montenegro activities and for guests of all ages and interests.


Recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature on a two-wheeled tour through Montenegro. Cycle through olive fields, quaint villages and unspoiled nature while enjoying views of Luštica peninsula and its stunning hidden beaches. Not only is going for a ride the perfect workout, it’s also environmentally friendly.


Luštica Bay and the surrounding area is ideal for hikers of every experience level. Hiking is a great way to both see the sights, and get some exercise by putting every major muscle group into motion. You’ll explore green hillsides, olive groves and historic buildings while enjoying breathtaking bay and mountain views.


The clear, serene waters of Trašte Bay are ideal for exploration via watercraft. This is one of the best, most sustainable ways to explore all of the most beautiful spots along the Luštica coastline of Montenegro. Our team will gladly assist you with kayak rentals so you and your traveling companions can enjoy the bay.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Jump on a stand-up paddleboard to explore the bay! Discover hidden Montenegrin sea caves that can only be seen from the water — all while getting in your daily workout. It is an environmentally friendly way to explore Montenegro's fantastic coastal and inland waters.

Quadrunner Adventures

Enjoy a guided quadrunner ride through medieval roads, scenic villages, breathtaking beaches and Luštica’s stunning nature preserve. This is an ideal tour for people who would love to experience the charms of this unique peninsula’s nature up close.


Join us at daily fitness training, and realize your wellness potential. The Chedi Luštica Bay’s group fitness classes are designed to push you to a higher level than you would normally achieve when training solo. Regular fitness boot camps are organized outdoors next to the sea, weather permitting.

Personal Training

Work with our on-staff personal trainers to assess your areas of fitness opportunity, and create a customized workout plan. Skilled practitioners in a variety of disciplines help The Chedi Luštica Bay guests achieve peak physical and mental performance and monitor fitness progress.


Engage in the timeless eastern art of Yoga to center mind, body and spirit. Our expert-led classes will help you to keep your balance, and find your serenity. Yoga classes are held either inside, or on the beach (pending weather conditions).


Life is full of beauty, and sailing the Adriatic Sea may be one of the best ways to experience it. So switch off your engines, spread the sails, and breathe freedom. Montenegro’s 293km (182 miles) of coastline — with innumerable beaches, islands, and coves — calls on to be discovered (five days advance booking required).


Montenegro is an avian enthusiast’s paradise. We’re located within one of the four most important corridors for birds in Europe – the Adriatic Flyway. 66% of all European bird species have been witnessed right here. Tivat’s nature reserve of Solila is only a 5-minute drive away from the hotel and is a perfect spot to enjoy some relaxing birdwatching.

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