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Montenegro has a 293 km coastline and is bordered by Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia and Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Well-connected and renowned for the hospitality of its locals, the country provides easy and safe travel.


Luštica Bay is ideally placed, within easy reach of three international airports which connect to all major European cities. The nearest, Tivat International Airport (10km), is just 15 minutes drive away which serves direct flights from the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Moscow, Dubai and many more. There is also the international airport in Podgorica (90km) and Čilipi–Dubrovnik International airport in Croatia (46km). Driving into Montenegro or travelling by bus are also easy with many border crossings where your passport can be checked and stamped.
During your stay, we are able to arrange transportation for any trips. There are a range of reliable public bus services where tickets can be bought in advance or on board. Local taxis are available, with fares on the meter. There are also a selection of private car agencies and rental cars. It’s recommended that you arrange an International Driving Permit from your home country if renting during your trip.
Luštica Bay contains bike racks, bike storage and a network of cycle lanes. The countryside contains a variety of wilderness mountain-biking trails. However, main roads don’t generally have specific bike lanes.
Montenegro Railways runs daily trains between Podgorica and Nikšić and from the southern port of Bar north to the Serbian border.

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Visas are not required for travellers from any countries in Europe, Australia, North America and South America (except Bolivia, Guyana and French Guyana).


Under Montenegrin law you must carry a valid form of ID with you at all times - a driving licence, passport or equivalent.


The local currency is the Euro. ATMs are widely available. Local vendors do not usually accept credit cards, small bills are recommended. Do note that Sunday is a day off for almost every vendor.


High season runs from July to August. May to June and September to October are quieter but still blessed with plenty of sunshine. The ski season runs between November and April.


Montenegro has on average 240 days of sunshine a year, with hot summers averaging 27.4ºC and cold winters including snowfall on the mountains. The swimming season typically spans 180 days of the year.

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