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Arts and Antiques Fair In Luštica Bay

Dušan Stanković, one of the biggest antique collectors in the region, and a shop owner in Luštica Bay Marina Village has decided to transfer his expertise and knowledge to the younger generations by helping The Chedi Luštica Bay hotel organize the second Arts and Antiques fair from 23-25 of August.

This fair is being held for the second time in The Chedi and will promote young and aspiring artists who will present their work, as well as some of the biggest antique collectors in the Balkan region. We had a pleasure of speaking with Mr. Stankovic about his passion for antique art and his ideas about the upcoming festival.

- Where does your passion for history and antiques comes from?
DS: Since I was a little kid in Belgrade, Serbia I was collecting post stamps and exchange them with other kids to collect the best one. There was a famous shop called Jugomarka, where I was spending my whole allowance on stamps. That was the happiest period of my life, but unfortunately, my collection of stamps is now worthless.

- What was the oldest thing you got a chance of holding in your hands, and what the most valuable one?
DS: I had the luck of holding in my hands antiques that are worth millions! But the most impressive thing I ever saw is the treasury of Saint Tryphon with my friend Branko Zbuteg.

- What is something that every amateur collector needs to know?
DS: They have to be careful while buying antiques, to buy only undamaged items and to try to find out everything they can about it. Also, whoever takes this hobby should work on expanding his knowledge, start visiting museums more, reading about history and art to recognize valuable items from simply old ones.

- How hard is recognizing the antique item from the ones which are just old?
DS: It's very hard nowadays. Modern technologies are working in the interest of the con artists who are producing the perfect replicas of valuables. Only by consulting with historians and professionals with a good eye, you can be sure that you bought an original piece. So be careful!

- The second edition of Arts & Antiques fair is upon us, what can we expect from it?
DS: During these three days, visitors will have a chance of seeing works from the very best Montenegrin artists, while some of the most recognized antique collectors from the region will present their items. One of the most attractive things is coming from Budva from the collector Nadezda Kovacevic who will present chalice from the 16th century which was made in Augsburg, Germany by royal blacksmiths. We will also have a couple of custos present, who will explain the art to the visitors.

- What is the most valuable thing in your collection?
DS: I'm afraid for my health if I let you know that secret! (laughter)

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