A Woman Sitting On A Bed With A Laptop at Chedi Lustica Bay
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Bleisure Travel by The Chedi

In 2023, the rise of remote work will still be a topic.  Work from anywhere, bleisure travel, workcation, or any other form of this business-leisure travel hybrid, is growing in popularity due to the blurring of work-life boundaries.

“By the end of 2022, the global bleisure tourism market was expected to reach $497.5 billion.” – stated THE AMERICAN HOTEL & LODGING ASSOCIATION in their 2023 STATE OF THE HOTEL INDUSTRY REPORT. The same source mentioned that “Combination business/leisure trips (“bleisure”) top the list as the type of business travel consumers is most likely to take in future. As in response to the pandemic, organizations adopted more flexible remote working policies, freeing up employees to conduct business from anywhere.”

Future Market Insights report further predicts “The amount the global bleisure tourism market is expected to reach is USD 2,967.1 billion by 2032”.

Thinking about this topic, aren’t we all bleisure travellers? When was the last time you have gone on vacation without checking your email?

A Woman Sitting On A Bed With A Laptop at Chedi Lustica Bay

The Chedi Lustica Bay, a 5-star luxury hotel on the coastline of Montenegro, a member of The Leading Hotels of The World, represents a real gem offering a perfect environment for all remote work travellers. The hotel guarantees tranquillity and enjoyment throughout, allowing guests who have trouble juggling business and personal obligations to be as productive as possible.

A Patio With A View Of A Marina And Boats

Whether traveling alone or with your friend, partner, or kids (whatever makes your travel less stressful), we are here to accommodate you. You can even bring a pet friend to keep you company. 

We provide a wide range of services, from community activities to the spa, gym, personal training, and The Playroom. The fact that there is free and fast Wi-Fi available throughout the hotel, the marina promenade, and even the beach may be the most significant thing to note. This allows you to find your own space for uninterrupted and effective working. Not to mention the lengthy beach strolls along the Lustica peninsula's one, two, three, four, or even more beaches.

photo inside the spa with a pool at chedi Lustica bay

For those travellers that have a family at home, especially young children, traveling for an extended period of time adds stress to their lives. Women in business, who are compelled to travel every 2-3 months or even more frequently, find this position particularly challenging. The ideal option would be bleisure travel, and here at The Chedi we make your family welcome.  We look after them while you do your work-related tasks. Now that you will be spending less time apart from your loved ones, you can all enjoy the trip.

Image for a family walking at chedi lustica bay

Bleisure travel would benefit solo travelers by allowing them to experience new things, learn about different cultures, get inspired for their careers, and feel more productive.  If you are a solo traveler, read our recent blog about 8 Things You Can Do at The Chedi Lustica Bay When Traveling Solo, for more information.

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Even employers today are re-evaluating the benefits they offer to their employees, with some allowing their employees to work during vacation, or to rest during work, with a final goal to increase employee empowerment, satisfaction, and productivity.

The recent challenging years have made us realize that we need to focus on the biggest luxury we have, the outdoors. We have built around that fact and have designed a whole range of daily activities for our guests to enjoy the outdoors (and even indoors), such as boot camps, running, (e-)biking, hiking, sailing, kayaking, swimming, tennis and many more.

A Person Riding A Bicycle On A Road With Buildings And Hills In The Background

And when it comes to our cuisine, we crave for authenticity. Local ingredients, local tastes. The food we serve represents an array of delicacies which is based on the concept of Mediterranean cuisine spiked up by the freshness of herbs from our garden.

A Red Apple On A plate at Chedi Lustica bay restaurant.

“There is something quite magical about the light along the Adriatic coast. Soft and gentle in the morning, it of course gets stronger during the day. It is clean, bright, and a call to action. Get up and get going, it calls to you.” – said Mr. Kingsley.

Mr. Anthony Kingsley, the London-based travel agent and copywriter, was our recent Work from Anywhere guest.  We learned during the most amusing lunch at The Rok Beach Bar & Lounge that he had made a decision to travel to Montenegro and set himself on a mission to write a guide, from his own experience, on how to visit Montenegro in a different way. Mr. Kingsley, a businessman, husband, and father, needed a new perspective and a new place to work in order to attempt to live a more balanced life, at least for some time, and give health a higher priority.

Aerial photo for the nature at Lustica Bay

You can read more about Mr. Kingsley’s experience during his Work from Anywhere stay at The Chedi Lustica Bay, Montenegro here:

I feel more productive, more energetic, and full of ideas   

I walked 16.9 km from Tivat to Kotor over the mountains with the GM of the hotel

A Degustation Dinner - a creation of indulgence and temptation

It turned me from someone who really liked the hotel into a passionate advocate for their brand

We thank Mr. Kingsley for being our guest. Although working remotely, we can say that he was connected, seen, and heard.

You are still on time to get inspired. Book your 2023 STAY WITH US and unlock 25 % discount, or book our SPECIAL LONG STAY WINTER OFFER before it’s too late. If you want to stick to healthy lifestyle rules, we created a special program to help you focus on yourself and guide you through finding your purpose and achieving your goals,  THE CHEDI SIGNATURE WELLBEING PACKAGE.   

In March we are celebrating national cuisine and local traditions whilst preparing a variety of savoury dishes using wild chicory – žucenica, an authentic coastal wild edible plant that has the status of a national plant, harvested in the fields. Read more about it in our Winter calendar

If all the above makes you rethink your travel plans, contact us as so we can take planning off your shoulders. See you soon.

A Lighthouse On A Rocky Shore At Chedi Lustica Bay