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We are introducing the FITTAR Smart Mirror – a new way for people to train and keep fit.

At the Chedi Lustica Bay, we are introducing to you the FITTAR Smart Mirror, a clever and fun tool that blends technology with fitness routines and gamification. This new edition, available both at the hotel’s gym and in the privacy of your own room, fits your personal needs offering over 1500 different built-in interactive workout programs. You can dance, practice yoga, meditation, pilates or do hard cardio, boot camp, boxing, stretching and check your reflexes through reaction games.

 The founders of FITTAR were using the know-how of their tech engineers, combining it with professional sports and fitness background to create such a magnificent tool that for sure offers a great user experience.

With adding FITTAR to our fitness offer, we created an active environment for everybody’s taste, for all age groups and every level, as now you can train when, where and how you want. All our guests, healthy lifestyle beginners, advanced sporters, kids and elderly, can now train smart, learn fast and have fun as the mission of both us and FITTAR Smart Mirror founders is to put the fun back into fitness!


You can also keep track of your results as FITTAR is also designed to be personalised around each user through their mobile app.

Visit us at The Chedi Lustica Bay, be open to the new inventions, stay as long as you feel, put on a great playlist and just explore!

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