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Why your next destination must be nothing else but Montenegro ( 10 Best Things To Do )


1 / 10 The Coastline

300km of serene coastline invite for watersports of any kind at any time. If boating during summer, sailing throughout the year, stand-up paddle boarding (check out the offers of, jet-skiing, water-skiing, surfing, diving or kite-surfing. You name it. Montenegro is your place to be.


2 / 10 Visit Lovcen for an ultimate panorama picture

Located in the southwestern part of Montenegro, this mountain was the inspiration behind the name of Montenegro, deriving from the appearance of the mountain when covered in dense forest. The green appeared to be that lavish, it caught the eye of every observer. Visit the mountain with an off-road jeep safari to ensure a memorable experience. 


3 / 10 Tara Canyon

Head to Mountain Curevac to stay dry and look at this staggering 1300m Canyon from afar, or be brave and buckle up. Rafting is the ultimate experience at Tara Canyon. This will also give you an incredible panorama, switch on your GoPro and duck-tape it to your helmet. Those views will still amaze you in 20 years. 

4 / 10 Hike it, baby

Kotor's fortification is a sweaty 1300 steps above the old town, but the views on Kotor Bay and the UNESCO world heritage (and nature) site will reward you dearly. Also, this tiny country is blessed with forest-covered mountains, ensure a great protein intake for breakfast and go get them!


5 / 10 Top topography

Some would argue that Montenegro has the most beautiful natural sites on the continent, and you do not necessarily have to be a nationalist to agree to it. The geographical location and range in altitude give living space to a wide range of flora and fauna, making it surely an exciting destination for nature lovers.


6 / 10 Energize me

Take an ATV Tour in Lustica and visit an Olive plantation, taste local cheese and wine, served with home-made bread. It can´t get more adventurous and local than that. 


7 / 10 Go Coasteering

Coasteering is a unique adventure activity involving climbing, rock scrambling, swimming & cliff-jumping and probably the only proper way to truly experience the rugged coastline at close-quarters. You will see places no tourist has ever seen before and all takes place in Lustica, close to Tivat and Kotor. But be aware, this activity involves jumps (of various heights!) at amazing locations, which means you got to be a confident swimmer and no sissy. Coasteering is brought to you by, the country´s best rated activity Tour agency with the best guides. They are also certified and insured, which might sound normal to most of you, but ain´t normal in their field of expertise. If things turn sour you´ll at least land softly. That’s reassuring to hear, isn’t it?

8 / 10 Daytrips to neighboring Dubrovnik

Want to escape the crowds and prefer the wild beauty of Montenegro as your base on the Mediterranean? Lustica Bay is your answer. The beating heart of Montenegro is perfectly positioned between coast and backdrop mountains. Clear air, the clean emerald Adriatic Sea and the natural beauty of the Lustica peninsula will show you life as it should be.,

9 / 10 Go kayaking on Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar, also known as Lake Scutari is the largest lake in Southeast Europe. It also lies on the border of Montenegro and Albania, and both countries are sharing as well as preserving this natural beauty in form of National Parks. 207km of untouched coastline give plenty of room to discover, and a kayak might be just the right way to do it. Discover at your own pace or take part of a guided tour, either way the views, flora, and fauna at Skadar lake will blow you away.


10 / 10 Come in winter, avoid the crowds and take your skiing gear

Everyone knows the Swiss Alps and Austria's Tyrol, well here comes an odd one for you. Head to Kolasin, 14km of fine slopes with 6 lifts are awaiting you. In Montenegro. Food is cheap & cheerful, and you will definitely have a story to tell, in particular if you take the afternoon off skiing, but head to Lustica for a dip in the sea. A morning of skiing finished off with a sunbath and dip in the Adriatic Sea, that sounds like a blast, doesn’t it?

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