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The Chedi Signature Wellbeing Offer

We created a special program to help you focus on yourself and guide you through finding your purpose and achieving your goals.


What if you could disappear for a weekend?  Where would you go? What would you be doing? 

Imagine a time just for yourself, away from your work, family obligations, or social networks. Imagine starting what you have always wanted or experiencing something new, instead of always postponing it.

What do you feel when you hear words such as well-being, self-care, relaxation, body treatments, organic skin products, Adriatic Sea, sun, beach, fresh herbs, olives, lavender, rosemary, and wanderlust?  Can you visualize the glittering water surface from a sunny terrace, sand between your fingers, and warm off-season days? 

You need time to disconnect, to discover what you like, what feels right to you, or who you really are.  

If all this sounds good and very much needed, wait no more and enter The Chedi Lustica Bay’s one-of-a-kind well-being environment, designed to restore your mind, body, and soul. We created a special program to help you focus on yourself and guide you through finding your purpose and achieving your goals.  

If the first thing that came to your mind was the Spa, then choose our RELAX program.  

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This program includes the Traditional Balinese Massage Treatment, well known for its deep tissue massage and holistic treatment which stimulates the blood flow and creates a sense of well-being, calm and deep relaxation. With this program, you will also have a facial treatment and body scrub according to your skin type.

For the rest of your time, you can enjoy all the facilities of The Chedi Luštica Bay’s Asian-inspired Spa that features an indoor pool, sauna, steam bath, experience shower, and a first-class gym.

If you feel you need to practice more and get into shape, choose our MOVE program. 

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Get physical and mental guidance through the customized workout plan with our charismatic and experienced Personal Trainer. Feed your wanderlust with a unique outdoor fitness offer. Discover Luštica’s olive groves and wild beaches with The World’s Finest Electric Super Bike – GREYP or get in shape in a sustainable way by kayaking along the coastline.

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Do you find it difficult to determine which foods are healthy for you? Eating healthy can be a confusing task and most of the time you do not know where to start or which products to use.

est assured that you are on the right path with our NOURISH program. 

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Many nutritionists and doctors around the world are prescribing the Mediterranean diet. Where to start with it if not on the Mediterranean coast? Plant-based foods, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices are the foundation of the diet. Olive oil is the main source of added fat, and fish, seafood, dairy, and poultry are included.  

Like in many other Mediterranean countries olive growing is a tradition in Montenegro. Luštica peninsula is a jewel of unspoiled nature where the olive groves still live and where pure gold extra virgin olive oil is produced in a traditional village atmosphere. We use the best of the best from both land and sea and combine traditional flavours with different ways of preparation and presentation. 

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And finally, our SELF-CARE program is a small mix of everything, designed mostly for introverted personalities or people who just need private time in their own room, at their own terrace, and with their own piece of the sun.  

This program lets you work out in the privacy of your room with fitness gear delivered to your door. 

With a VOYA’s Lazy Days seaweed bath you can feel a sense of relaxation and stimulate your skin, supporting regeneration and renewal from the comfort of your in-room bath.  

The nourishing meals you can prepare by yourself with lots of organic ingredients are delivered to your room, and for detoxifying your body we deliver a range of fresh, nutrient-rich juices or smoothies.

If you would like to live mindful days according to what we designed for you, check out our Wellbeing Package here, or simply contact our reservation team by emailing reservations@chedilusticabay.com or calling +382 32 661 266.  

We also provide long-stay opportunities to rest, work and play with us and live the life you deserve. Click here for more information.