A Group Of Wrapped Presents under sun rays Chedi Lustica Bay
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Rethink the Season of Giving

It is essential to look back in order to move forward. Therefore, how would you sum up your year in one word?

It would be “generous” for us.

A Group Of Wrapped Presents under sun rays Chedi Lustica Bay

The Chedi Luštica Bay has a donation program for children in need, and monthly donations to other organizations and institutions. We donated more goods and supplies in 2022 than ever before to hospitals, the Red Cross, an orphanage, and those in need, while our team participated in the "Together for life" humanitarian action of voluntary blood donation.

People donating blood and nurses helping them-Chedi Lustica Bay

It is not only about making donations, but regularly finding new opportunities to help charities by encouraging guests to make sustainable and humanitarian decisions. We always invite our guests to use our "Giving Bags" to give a new purpose to personal items they no longer need or to join hiking or 5K charity morning run with our GM.

3 people hiking during the day time at a mountain-Chedi Lustica Bay

Speaking of giving, we love to give and do something for the Earth. The Chedi Luštica Bay has adapted sustainable hotel practices to make our natural place even more eco-friendly. Intelligent green construction methods and the latest energy-saving technologies have been used throughout the Luštica Bay development to ensure our buildings slash the current regional energy consumption. At our little piece of paradise, you can find the first Tesla chargers in Montenegro, made in partnership with Tesla Destination Charging and Porsche Destination Charging programs to contribute to an emission-free and sustainable environment.

Combination of 3 images the first for a paper bag, the second with a don't disturb sign at chedi lustica bay, and the last for a smily Bellman beside the hotel cart.

The Chedi Luštica Bay is also committed to demonstrating dedication to local businesses by sourcing our produce from local sustainable farms. We continuously work to effectively reduce our carbon footprint, improve lives by planting trees, and implement new practices of maintenance, service, logistics, products, and supplies, as a part of guests' overall experience.

image combination for olives and olive oil at chedi lustica bay

At The Chedi Luštica Bay hospitality is timeless, and the giving spirit is more than a festive season trend. Proud of our past, we will continue to work with a purpose in 2023, always lending a giving hand to people in need.

A Girl Sitting Next To A Christmas Tree, at Chedi Lustica Bay