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Montenegro: Your new winter holiday destination

Montenegro has an adventure in store for everyone every winter with its wide array of ski slopes, cultural hikes, and ice-climbing feats, assuring you to find an activity that will make your holiday a memorable one. 

Montenegro has an adventure in store for everyone every winter with its wide array of ski slopes, cultural hikes, and ice-climbing feats, assuring you to find an activity that will make your holiday a memorable one. Despite its size, this coastal European destination, sharing a coastline with Croatia, has plenty to offer at the fraction of the price of its European neighbours. 

A Lake Surrounded By Mountains

The beauty of Montenegro is that it has everything that Europe has to offer: culture, cuisine, beaches, and, of course, snow (lots of it) without the crowds of tourists that often make every other European holiday a tedious bore. 

Also, many ski aficionados are unaware that Montenegro’s main geographical feature is its mountainous terrain that covers nearly all of its surface area. These mountains create the perfect opportunity to slalom, ski off-piste, and downhill during the chillier months of December to March. 


A Ski Lift With People On It

At the popular Kolasin area, you can enjoy the 14 km mountain slope and its 6 lifts that ensure little or no ques. You can also acquire day passes at €10 for children and €15 for adults, which provide a more economical opportunity for a ski experience that is no less idyllic than Montenegro’s Alpine counterparts. 

Spend your time skiing and re-connecting with your significant other with Chedi Lustica Bay’s Romantic Spa package, which starts from €149 and runs until April 15, 2019. Apart from your stay at the hotel, you will be offered two 60-minute massages along with use of the Chedi Spa’s facilities which include an indoor pool, sauna, and steam room. 


A Person Skiing Down A Snowy Mountain

Feeling more adventurous? You can try the Zabljak, the highest peak in the Dormitor mountain area, with ski fields that offer more than regular skiing and snowboarding, as it has opportunities to go off-piste to truly experience unexplored mountainous terrain. 

You can try skiing down the Savinkuk peak, which reaches a high of 3500km, but if you are a beginner, you can try the Javorovaca peak, that reaches to 1400km, promising more than just the exhilarating experience of downhill skiing, as you can view a scenic array of winter plants and flora–blooming despite the winter months. If you crave an authentic once in a lifetime experience, go for a ski during the night-time, where floodlights have been provided to illuminate skiers on their path in the Javorovaca peak. 

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Craving an adrenaline rush this winter? Try ice-climbing in the Kormornica Valley in Boan. This high endurance sport has gone viral and the Montenegrin winter provides the most ideal location to practice it. Challenge the icy precipices and scale the frozen waterfalls in the Dubrilovina Village in the Tora Canyon, but ensure that you go during the peak of the winter season, as warmer temperatures would affect the sturdiness of the ice. 

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A Couple Of People Standing In Front Of A Church With A Cross On Top

Prefer a more laidback family vacation? Montenegro offers opportunities to go for long walks admiring the architecture of the historic old city while stopping at several rustic cafes to have a steaming hot coffee as you continue on your journey on the cobblestone streets. You can also visit the towns of Cetnije and Niksic for a gastronomical adventure, sampling local beers, cheese, and the genuinely Montenegrin, and heavily potent, plum-based brandy ‘Rakija’. 

A Large Stone Building With A Fence Around It

You can also take your family to the Ostrog Monastery, nestled between the towns of Niksic and Danilovgrad. Admire this stunning architectural monument that is built vertically into the massive Ostroska Greda rock and celebrate Montenegro’s religious and cultural heritage. 


A Group Of People Wearing Clothing

Montenegro’s winter activities do not end with Christmas, the city of Kotor’s Winter Festival in February features an extravaganza of Montenegrin culture where traditional dances are performed and local food and wine can be shared. Not only that, there will be a children’s ball and costume ball where prizes will be awarded to the best-dressed participants. 

Cannot resist visiting the seaside? You can still enjoy one of Montenegro’s several beaches, such as the Budva Riviera, where you can savor its warmer temperatures during the day and partake in its buzzing nightlife in the evening. 

A Group Of People On A Beach

Start this holiday now by choosing Chedi Lustica Bay’s Weekend Package, which offers you a superior room with access to The Chedi Spa to unwind after your intense ice-climbing adventure. This package is bookable at €119 per night and is available until April 15, 2019. 

With such a variety of choices, any winter fan can find an unforgettable experience to keep them coming again and again to Montenegro.