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No matter what the season, Montenegro’s extraordinary landscape is never short of extraordinary experiences. With mighty mountains rearing up from astoundingly blue waters, coastal towns sunning their red roofs on the shoreline, wild meadows and olive groves alive with the scents of herbs and flower, Montenegro is a country that belies its small size.
Not only does it bask in 270 days of sunshine a year, it encompasses three national parks and an enchanting history that can be uncovered piece by piece, as you discover its fascinating towns and long-forgotten ruins. Our hotel reception team are Montenegrin specialists and can arrange sightseeing trips and once-in-a-lifetime experiences during your stay...
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Montenegro traverses 293 km of coastline, as varied as it is beautiful. It begins in the north with the Luštica Bay peninsula which encloses the serenely beautiful Bay of Trašte. For a true experience of old-world Montenegrin life, we can arrange unique excursions to the small, nearby fishing villages of Rose and Zanjic.

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With the mountains and hills surrounding Luštica Bay carved with scenic trails, outdoor types can choose between rambling, hiking and mountain biking. Cycling is ideal in the autumn and there are a range of bike tours on offer.

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Sitting on the border between the East and the West, Montenegro has a fascinating patchwork history, stitched together by different nations and influences. The country is dotted with cities and towns whose splendid architecture holds up a mirror to its past from Byzantine mosaics to Orthodox monasteries to Turkish spas and Venetian fortresses.

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